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Exhausted from your baby or toddler waking up several times a night?

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Poor sleep negatively affects every area of our lives, not only for your children but for you as well.

When your kids sleep well, you sleep well. 


Meet Beth Mattson

Let me start by telling you that I have been there! The multiple wake-ups at nights, no sleep for naps, and the exhaustion that feels like it will never end. I have been there! After the birth of my daughter, I lost myself in the exhaustion I felt. I was sad that I was not enjoying my beautiful baby girl because I was so tired. I thought, this is my new life. And I had no idea how quickly it could change with a few tweaks and some consistency! I did not know of any sleep consultants when I had my daughter but if I had, I would have hired one in an instant. When my daughter started sleeping through the night, it literally changed our life. I was able to have my evenings back with my husband, some time for myself and most importantly, was getting the sleep I needed to be the best version of myself for my baby. Seeing my daughter so happy after being so well rested was life changing as well! Sleep affects every aspect of your life and is just as important as air and food. Babies and children grow at alarming rates and this fact makes sleep just that much more important for them. I am very excited to give parents and their children the wonderful gift of sleep! I am


extremely passionate about this business and know that will show through in our time of working together. I am Beth Mattson, the owner of Little Roots and am a Certified Sleep Consultant. I am a food lover, book lover and of course a lover of sleep! I have a 2.5 year old girl named Luella and in June 2020 we had our second baby girl named Kennedy. With Kennedy, I am again reminded of the importance of sleep!

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Newborn Roots

Are you struggling to get your newborn on a good schedule? Are naps only lasting 20 minutes or do you have to hold your baby for all naps? My newborn package is for you!


Baby Roots

Are you struggling to get your baby on a good nap schedule? Is your baby still up several times a night? Are you exhausted and ready for some sleep? I am here to help with my baby package!

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Toddler + Roots

No matter your child’s age, it is not too late to start healthy sleep habits! Is your toddler struggling to stay in bed? Does your toddler end up in your bed halfway through the night and it’s a long process to get them back into their own bed? My toddler package is for you!




By the second night of sleep training our son slept through the night - almost 12 hours! With Beth's guidance and support, we were able to get ourselves acclimated to the recommended schedule and we are doing so well! She was available to talk via email or text when I had questions, she took a vested interest in our progress, and our phone calls were always beneficial! Our son routinely sleeps through the night and wakes in the morning when he should. I was (and still am!) honestly very surprised that such small changes made such a huge impact. -Elyse, Mom of 7 month old 

Envision what it would feel like to sleep a full eight hours a night again

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