• Beth Mattson

Top Sleep Tips for Traveling with an Infant

Traveling with an infant is not for the faint of heart! But it can be done! With Spring Break right around the corner and warmer weather ahead, you may have travel planned or be considering taking a trip soon now that things are starting to get back to normal.

That’s why today I’m covering my top tips on how you can handle baby’s sleep during vacation.

Do Your Prep-work!

The time leading up to traveling can be packed with last minute to-dos and making sure you are prepared to leave but be sure to prioritize your baby’s sleep before leaving.

Starting with a well rested baby before you leave will set you up for vacation success!

Create a Quiet Zone

Napping on the go can be difficult but do the best you can to create a quiet zone. On a plane, sit next to the window and be sure the window is shut. You can then use a blanket to create a “wall” from the other seats. Now turn on that sound machine and get cozy.

If you are driving, you will have more control of the environment. Turn down the music and do your best to keep older kids occupied during nap time.

Arrive Before Bedtime

Reaching your destination before your child’s bedtime allows the family to start off your vacation on the right foot. Getting a good first night of sleep is better than playing catch-up throughout your stay.

Bring the Baby Carrier

When you are out and about, a baby carrier can be the best and easiest spot for your baby to squeeze in a nap. It can also be a safe spot for some nighttime sleep if you are going to be out past bedtime. You don’t have to stop the fun early every night!

Aim For One Good Nap a Day

If your little one is taking more than one nap a day, attempt to get a solid morning nap in wherever you are staying before you head out for the day of fun. Send someone out for a coffee run, plan out your day, or just enjoy some relaxing quiet time, all while allowing your baby to get those important Zzzz’s.

Re-create Baby’s Room

You may not make it back every night in time for your full normal bedtime routine but be sure to do the best you can re-creating their normal sleeping environment. Bring the crib sheet from home, use their normal sleep sack, and turn on that sound machine.

Keep Time Zones in Mind

If you are traveling for a short period of time, sticking to your time zone may be the best idea for your little one. However, this can get a little more challenging if you are traveling from east to west.

What you can try instead is adding in a catnap closer to the normal bedtime and pushing back night time sleep. Remember, babies are flexible and they should be able to jump back to their normal time zone when you get home.

What Happens on Vacation Stays on Vacation

Did you break your routine a little (or a lot, no judgement here mama). When you get home, start fresh. Don’t carry over the vacation habits you started to pick up and jump right back into your tried and true routine. Give yourself a week for things to return back to normal.

If your naps and nights were tough even before you’ve considered traveling, you can still apply the tips above to help you survive your vacation. When you return from your trip, I have help for you!

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